Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Goshawks and more of the Harrier

5 March 2017


In a quick look around Egmere and New Holkham I failed to relocate the Pallid Harrier before I decided to drive south to Breckland. I did see a super Barn Owl at Crabbe Castle Farm, briefly perched beside the road. 

I arrived at my chosen destination at 08:30. Within five minutes 2 Goshawk (an adult male and imm female) were circling over the woods. Not long after a stunning adult female rose from the woods and circled round showing its flared white undertail coverts and huge frame. The adult male displayed above it, circling and slow flapping. Next up three birds chased and displayed together, 2 male and a young female, a rather pale juvenile flew through and a dark juvenile appeared from the west. About 09:45 it started to rain and surprisingly two Goshawks continued to display, until the rain got heavier and they descended into the woods. At least 10 Buzzard included a distinctive white bellied grey headed bird and 3-4 Sparrowhawk were also seen. A Woodlark was singing unseen nearby and Mistle Thrush and Fieldfare were also seen. 

With the rain falling heavily I headed back to Fakenham and then stopped briefly at New Holkham where I had brief views of the female Pallid Harrier over the stubble just as the rain arrived. A Red kite and a Buzzard were also seen around the field. 

I returned home and after some DIY returned to New Holkham with Mac. We soon located the Pallid Harrier which have superb views over the next hour before it circled up high and over into Holkham Park. A Med Gull called as it circled over. A quick look at Holkham freshmarsh produced a brief Spoonbill and 150 White-fronts of note plus at least 8 Marsh Harrier and 2 Buzzard. 

The Harrier circles up over the trees

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